Bali Proposal

September 28, 2019

Venue: The One Villa, Seminyak, Bali.

Flower by: Martha Florist, Bali

Planning & Story by: Ceavs

“The planning started half a year ago, well not actual planning, just buying the ring.” – Jason

The initial plan was to propose during our trip to Bromo/Bali in October last year, right before her birthday. As usual, things didn’t go as planned. Mount Agung showed signs of eruption and sure enough, it erupted right on the day we were supposed to land in Bali. Thankfully we decided against going then!

Fast-forward to March 2019. She was gonna come back and work from her KL office for one plus week, so I suggested a short trip. Why Bali? Why not?

While I was doing my research, I found out that my old buddy Ceavs was headed to Bali too! Honestly, I couldn’t have done this without him and Jouwen being there earlier. They helped me transport the fairy lights, the shoes, the ring, and also help me source the flowers and the crown. Most importantly, see the lights and the setting? All their idea and hardwork (together with help from the villa staff). Oh, before I forget, the photos are from Ceavs too!

So… Here we are. The proposal day. We were both dead tired from the morning sunrise hike up Mount Batur, so we napped til about 8pm and went for dinner. I was sick. I got hit with a bad flu and a slight fever (from the lack of sleep and the cold morning) but I had to buy enough time for the guys to setup. I also had to make sure I propose past midnight because mum said that March 22nd wasn’t a good day for proposal, apparently.

We went to the famous Naughty Nuri’s for dinner, and dinner didn’t take too long to finish. We were done by 10pm, so I suggested that we go for a massage nearby. We both took up a one hour foot massage and I was already napping by then (I took flu pills so the drowsy effect kicked in). Now, 11pm . I still had an hour to go. I wanted to go to a beach club but weather did not permit, so I thought I’d look for a more cosy place to chill for drinks. She already looked upset by now. I knew she wasn’t happy cause I was sick and I was still drinking. Sorry boo but I had too.. T.T

I found a place online and the article considered it a lounge with nice cocktail. Sure, we took a Grab and headed over. To my surprise (probably bigger surprise for her) the place turned out to be loud and smokey. Loud as in Zouk kind of loud. I knew I was screwed, but we sat down and ordered anyway. Thankfully time passed pretty quickly and 12am arrived.

We went out to catch a Grab back to the villa. It was still drizzling. It took the fourth driver to pick us up, the first three canceled on us. Tired and frustrated, we finally got in the car and back to the villa. And…Yes, like in a drama, another hiccup happened. The driver had no change for our note. We signaled to the villa reception who quickly came to help us sort out the problem. She was already furious at this stage (uh-oh)..

Under the umbrella, we walked towards our villa. The front gate was open. it shook her a little bit because she was last to lock it but was too tired to bother. After a few steps into the villa, only she realized the backdrop full of lights. She stopped in her track, confused and surprised.

“No! I don’t want!”


“Why you don’t want??”

The place was beautiful.

I guided her to the table and handed a pre-written letter to her. It was handwritten by yours truly, in Chinese. I haven’t written anything in Chinese for more than a decade now so my handwriting was really bad. She laughed.. Probably at my poorly written letter, but still confused and didn’t know what to do.

I took the ring, kneeled down and popped the question.

“Yuvis Chiang, will you marry me and follow me for the rest of your life?”

“Yes I will. YES I WILL!”

It was an extremely humbling moment. We usually see each other as equals, doing things and covering for each other, but never before I had to view her at a position below her. I guess that is why a guy has to kneel down to propose – To truly understand that we as guys are also at her mercy, and that a relationship will require not just her, but also your own effort to make sure it blossoms.

Special thanks for Ceavs and Jou for making all this happen so smoothly and beautifully! I owe you both a big one! – Jason